Many clients come to AGA when they are looking to gain more space out of their existing homes. They are happy with their neighborhood and have no desire to move, or have looked around and just could not find the right place and decide to renovate. Some folks simply do not like the way their home looks and are seeking more street appeal. The following are several examples of houses prior to renovation and their transformation. Not all jobs are straight forward. There are many factors a homeowner needs to consider prior to taking on such a project. Do you mind being displaced during construction? Will your addition conform to local zoning ordinances? Is the existing structure enough to hold up more? AGA helps you work through all these issues as you go forward into the world of renovation/addition. Not only will you end up with more space for your family, you will add value to your existing home and enjoy living in it more! Take a look at some previous renovations and others that are in progress that have taken place throughout Morris & Essex County…

Robert Bedroom - Before

Robert kitchen - Before

Robert Living - Before


Summit - Before

Westgate - Before

Windsor - Before

Wynewood - Before

16 Morningside - Before

27 Broadlawn - Before

43 Morningside - Before

Dollydrive - Before

Goodhart - Before

Morristown - Before

Summit Before