Addition and Renovation Designs in Denville, NJ

When talking about New Jersey, the name Denville does pop up each time. With a surplus of public transportation, roads, and highways, along with a warm community, the Denville Township has earned itself the title of the Hub of Morris County.

A peek into the history of Denville terms it as the New Promised Land, which provides a safe home for its people. Home, meaning a haven paired with bricks and mortar.

Jump to today, and you realize that your home needs a revamp. Is it because you want to put in a new fireplace or add an extension for a deck? You might even be thinking of adding a guest bedroom or a more spacious master bedroom and looking at a creative and innovative approach.

Bring in the Cavalry

A residential architect could be the beacon to breathe life into your ideas. Reconfiguring rooms, altering spaces, and creative yet calculated designs that suit your needs is what Aric Gitomer Architect could do for you. We function on the motto of “Listening to your ideas and working tirelessly to transform them into reality.”

As a homeowner, what makes you think that addition, alteration, or renovation is the need of the hour for your house? Is it the average-sized bedrooms or the boring structure that calls to you? Or is it just the fact that you wish for a home makeover? If these concerns have been in your mind, then it’s time to consider a renovation, alteration, or even an addition.

But wait! How do you differentiate between these three choices?

Your residential architect will follow the codes and regulations set as per the New Jersey Uniform Construction Code: Rehabilitation. According to this code, the above projects hold the following descriptions:


“Addition” means an increase in the footprint of a building or an increase in the average height of the highest roof surface or even the number of stories in a structure. However, you must consider the local zoning ordinances to factor in the lot size, setbacks, the height of the building, and lot coverage.

You can find more information about local zoning requirements here.


“Alteration” means the rearrangement of any space by the construction of walls or partitions or by a change in ceiling height, the addition or elimination of any openings (door or window), the extension or rearrangement of any system, the installation of any additional equipment or fixtures and any work which reduces the load-bearing capacity or which imposes additional loads on a primary structural component.


“Renovation” is the removal and replacement or covering of existing interior or exterior finish, trim, doors, windows, or other surfaces with new materials that serve the same purpose and don’t change the configuration of the space. Renovation shall include the replacement of equipment or fixtures.

“Repair” means the restoration to a sound condition of materials, systems, and/or components that are worn, deteriorated, or broken using materials or components identical to or closely similar to the existing.

Project: Revamping your Home

Reading through the words defining terms such as alteration or addition is not enough. Your Pinterest-inspired dream home may require you to make sacrifices in the context of comfort and time.

Think to yourself, is it just the master bedroom that requires change, or would you prefer an open plan kitchen rather than the traditional one you have? Or maybe your closet is limiting the number of clothes you could buy? Oh, and don’t forget your basement. It could be an area to grow more space provided you have the headroom.

The renovation project will impact your daily life. Ask yourself questions such as will you be able to live in your home once the changes you desire begin? Will the construction impact the roof of the house? Will the water be turned off, or will there be an effect on the heating?

These questions are a must when it comes to large-scale renovations. It requires meticulous and critical planning with the contractor you hire.

You don’t want to be in a house under renovation without water or heat for a long time. Now, who would want that?

You must involve an architect who not only listens but understands your queries and ideas to work on them and provide you with the best of their services. Unfortunately, many architects come up with grand plans but fail to execute them.

Do some recon, talk to people, and find the most reliable architect in your area. Enter Aric Gitomer Architect, your design crusader, and find out how we can be of assistance to you.