Aric Gitomer Architect can guide you in your home design and renovation project. In our initial in-home free discovery consult AGA does a walk through and sits down with the homeowner to discuss their required needs, desires and dreams for their individual project. If your home remodeling project includes an addition or just moving some walls, AGA will help define the scope during this discussion. Sometimes a homeowner simply does not know what exactly they need past the thought of more space. Through a series of questions and an open dialogue AGA will gather and interpret your thoughts on how to achieve an economical solution to your wishes. Home design projects are AGA‘s specialty and welcomes you to reach out.

As the process continues through the schematic design phase the project will organically evolve into what eventually will be the final design. The schematic design phase is a team effort where the client and the architect, with his thirty plus years of experience, work together to insure the end product is what the homeowner envisioned. It is not unusual for a client to change their minds during this process as they see the plan develop and new ideas come to mind. Aric Gitomer Architect welcomes your new ideas and incorporates them until all parties are happy with the final proposed solution. The process of design does not end here but it is refined as it translates into the construction document phase. These documents spell out the scope for your general contractor to follow in building your dream. They are used to obtain a building permit from your local building department which after careful review allows the builder to commence work on your home. Whether it is a new house, renovation, remodel or an addition the process is always the same. Call today to see how AGA can make your dreams a reality.