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Who is AGA

AGA is an Architectural Firm serving Morris, Sussex and Essex County, New Jersey specializing in new residential designs, planning, additions, renovations, new construction design, construction documents and blueprints. Aric Gitomer Architect LLC is a boutique practice run by a sole practitioner, Aric Gitomer, AIA in Parsippany, New Jersey. Aric has been practicing architecture since 1984 where he started out in Boston, MA. He went to Boston upon completing his Bachelor of Architecture degree from Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA. He concentrated on design in college and spent many hours in the design studio along with his fellow architecture students.

Those hours were filled with design vignettes, creating abstract structures, creating massive plaster sculptures, spending countless hours in a darkroom when everyone used film in their camera, working in the pottery studio and screen printing. It was there that Aric found a desire to explore spatial solutions to each individual problem.

He honed his skills in Boston and Cambridge Massachusetts, working for large architectural practices whose emphasis was on design as well as meeting the needs of the end user. After several years, he returned to his home state of New Jersey to be closer to family and continue his desire to practice architecture.

Today Aric resides in Morris County serving the tri-county area (Morris, Sussex and Essex) with his residential expertise. A small sample of projects are featured here to show the scope of design services Aric Gitomer Architect has provided to clients throughout the area. Aric is more than happy to discuss your next residential project no matter what size it is, whether your basement needs finishing, you decide it is time to put on that addition so mom can come live with you or if a new house is calling out to you. Each client comes to AGA with a different need making each project special and unique and allows Aric to continue his creative desire to come up with a solution that will give the end user years of enjoyment. Call Aric Gitomer Architect LLC today and see what we can do for you.


AGA, is a small, award-winning architectural firm located in Parsippany, the heart of Morris County, NJ that focuses on providing intimate service and close attention to its clients’ needs. AGA specializes in residential architecture serving clients who are seeking to renovate or create an addition to their existing house or looking to start from scratch and build a new home.

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  • Do you prepare floor plans?

    Preparing Floor Plans

    Aric Gitomer Architect prepares floor plans! AGA specializes in residential architecture and part of the process is preparing floor plans. What are floor plans? To AGA they are custom plans that conform to each individual clients needs. If you are adding on to your home there are unique problems for each individual home and client. Each person comes forth with their own desires to create a solution for their individualized problem. In preparing a floor plan the first thing AGA does is listen to the clients needs. If its new construction the only thing restraining what we do are building codes and zoning ordinance limitations. With an addition we are dealing with existing conditions and every change impacts a different area. Even if you are just do a house addition at the rear of your home we need to figure out what makes sense in terms of openings and circulation.

    Floor plans are an involved process and as the project progresses the plans evolve. They change when we start to look at the elevations. If you want a window on the exterior in certain location to give a nice balance to the facade an interior wall may need to change. My philosophy is to work in plan and then develop the elevation as we go forth. Some architects will work plan and elevation simultaneously. I believe the plan is where you live, therefore this is where I place my emphasis.

    Our goal at Aric Gitomer Architect is to create a plan that works for your family.

  • How do I find the right architect for my project?

    It is critical to find an architect who makes you feel comfortable. Because the process you are about to times stressful undertaking. Being able to communicate with your architect is key to having a successful project. The architect and the client are a team working together with one goal in mind; creating the ideal living situation for you. It’s also important to find an architect with experience in your project type. You can search for architects in your area on the popular design website Houzz. Not only can you see their work you can read reviews from past clients. Another path to finding an architect is a personal recommendation from a friend or even a realtor.

  • How much are your services?

    I would say 75% of potential clients call and ask this. Every job is unique so it is impossible to quote a fee without seeing the property and meeting the client. It is important for an Architect to visit the physical property to acquire an idea of the scope of services required to complete the project. It is also an opportunity to discuss the project with the potential client and discover how focused they are on what they want. After this initial visit I can determine a fee. AGA’s fees are fixed fees and divided into three categories; survey/analysis, design and construction documents.

    Architects in general have multiple ways of charging for their services, some of the more popular methods are;

    Percentage of Construction Cost, Fixed Fee, Hourly Rates and Cost per Square Footage.

  • What happens during the initial consult?

    The initial consultation is a time for us to discuss your requirements and to see if you feel we are the right architecture firm for your project. During the discovery consult we will discuss your ideas and concepts and our experience and capabilities to deliver what you require. The consult does not involve any design services, it is just to learn about your vision and how AGA can assist. You should feel very comfortable during our discussion to ask any questions, or ask for clarifications of anything that has been discussed.

  • What does an architect do?

    Future clients are often curious as to what an architect actually does. At AGA our basic responsibilities include: designing a residential project for a client. This includes new houses, renovations, alterations and additions. The focus is designing to your, (the client’s), needs reviewing the design with and completing construction documents. In addition, we look at zoning requirements and building codes to insure a quality finished project. If an issue comes up during construction AGA is there to provide any remediation as required. Some architects will provide additional services such as reviewing all shop drawings, select finishes and fixtures, help in selecting a contractor, attend weekly site visits and monitor your costs. AGA does not provide these services and this is how we can make the project more economical for you.
    Once a set of drawings is complete, AGA’s job is complete, except as described above should your general contractor go rogue or make an error or need clarification on some unknown condition prior to work.

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