Have your needs changed over the years? Are you moving and looking to build a new house or renovate an existing one? Time to do some home planning! Where should you start?

I always tell my clients to start doing their homework, gather up images from the internet, magazines or take your own pictures as you drive by a home that strikes you and keep them in a folder for easy access. Jot down ideas and notes as you think of them, or see something that you cannot be without! You love the latest feature in a friend’s kitchen or maybe you just like the colors of their cabinetry — keep note. Consider ceiling heights, room sizes, window types, door profiles, trim detailing (crown molding, wainscot, etc) as you visit homes or see online. There are so many sources out there for you to draw inspiration from. A great resource for images is Houzz.com.

In addition to images and notes, start thinking about how you use your rooms now and whether you are satisfied with their current condition. Consider adjacencies of different spaces throughout your home, do they work for you as they are? Would you prefer to have more openness between them or just rearrange them? If you’d like to be able to see your kids as you are cooking, then perhaps you’d enjoy a playroom next to your kitchen. If you think having a room to run off to and hide sounds appealing, add a quiet study off in the corner somewhere. Eliminate the hassle of going up and down stairs to do laundry, let’s move that laundry room! Each client has a different set of requests and is unique in how they live and interact with each other. AGA is judgment free and wants to make that ideal home planning a reality for you. Call today to see how Aric Gitomer Architect can help you.