Addition and Renovation Designs in Morristown, NJ


Is your home located in Morristown, NJ? A town bedded deep in history and noted as the “military capital of the American Revolution” as well as the home of the Morristown UFO hoax. It’s understandable given this rich history and beautiful downtown why you would want to stay in Morristown but your current living conditions are making it difficult.

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Your home has become a hassle and needs an upgrade. The doors make a creaking sound that seems to gain momentum each passing day and the bedrooms need more space. Or is that with a growing family you need to add in a whole new bedroom?

A New Weapon for your Artillery

There is too much work and too little know-how. So, make way for Aric Gitomer Architect, your friendly neighborhood residential architect. We, at AGA, focus our time and energy to work along with your concepts and plan accordingly. So, that way you’re part of the process.

When it comes to addition, renovation, or alteration for your homes in New Jersey, architects must follow the New Jersey Uniform Construction Code: Rehabilitation. It states the above-mentioned processes as follows:


“Addition” means an increase in the footprint of a building or an increase in the average height of the highest roof surface or even the number of stories in a structure. However, you must consider the local zoning ordinances to factor in the lot size, setbacks, the height of the building, and lot coverage.

You can find more information about the designation of zones here.


“Alteration” means the rearrangement of any space by the construction of walls or partitions or by a change in ceiling height, the addition or elimination of any openings (door or window), the extension or rearrangement of any system, the installation of any additional equipment or fixtures and any work which reduces the load-bearing capacity or which imposes additional loads on a primary structural component.


“Renovation” is the removal and replacement or covering of existing interior or exterior finish, trim, doors, windows, or other surfaces with new materials that serve the same purpose and don’t change the configuration of the space. Renovation shall include the replacement of equipment or fixtures.

“Repair” means the restoration to a sound condition of materials, systems, and/or components that are worn, deteriorated, or broken using materials or components identical to or closely similar to the existing.

Segregate and Regulate

What’s the one thing about your home that bothers you the most? Is it the small master bath or the traditional kitchen? Which one requires more attention?

These are questions that you must ask yourself before you decide to pack up your stuff and allow the contractor to blow up the walls of your house. After all, renovation demands time and compromise of comfort.

Are you even remotely prepared for that?

Think clearly. Your master bath could get that extra space to install new fixtures and feel more spacious. You could upgrade the water heater and experience revitalizing baths.

The kitchen isn’t going anywhere. And anyway, you always end up ordering from restaurants rather than using the stove to prepare food!

Once you’ve segregated the issue, your next step is to research for the most reliable and promising residential architect. A professional architect will take pains from the design stage till he gets you the certificate of occupancy.

Your team will consist of a lead architect, a reliable general contractor, and your visions. What’s more, is that teamwork will allow for a smooth renovation!

Start Preparing

For your convenience, we’ve kept a checklist guide for home renovation that could help you ease into the process and get accustomed more quickly and efficiently.

With the checklist guide, you’ll be all set before your architect initiates the first design meeting. Now, that’s comfortable, isn’t it?

The Architect

For the renovation to go smoothly, you have to have faith in your architect. You must trust his design and logic but pair them up with valid inputs from your side. That’s how the project will witness efficiency, effort, and zest from the people involved.

We at Aric Gitomer Architect pride ourselves on being communicative and transparent with our clients with each aspect of the project starting from the first meeting till the completion. Contact us to get a taste of how we work and how we could magnify your spaces.