Residential Design

A majority of Aric Gitomer Architect’s work is residential design. Whether it be new construction, renovation or an addition, each project is unique and comes with its individual problems and solutions. There is no magic box that you put your design criteria into shake it up and out comes the solution. It is a process, an intimate relationship between client and architect. The architect needs to know about you. As well as how you live, to discover your priorities. Above all, how you picture yourself and your family in your home.


Do you like vast open areas or are you more private and like closed small spaces? Are you one who prefers to have privacy in your bathroom or is it okay for someone else to be in there with you while you get ready for your day? Are you a cook and like to entertain or is it just about ordering takeout and settling into to a nice family room for a night of television. Do you welcome seeing your kids milling about and listening to their noise or do you prefer a quiet experience or perhaps, just the ability to go off into a retreat somewhere? This is simply a glimpse of the ideas to be discussed as you move through the residential design phase.

The Exterior

The exterior is just as much a priority as the interior. What materials do you like? What don’t you like? Do you prefer a low exterior maintenance home? Maybe you like the idea of natural materials that need to be cared for. In other words, determining materials can be crucial. These finishes could be brick, stone, siding, stucco or possible window types and placement is vital in creating your ideal home aesthetic. Do you value symmetry or none at all or maybe just a nice balance between the two? Can you imagine lounging on a deck or a patio? Does the property in question make more sense for one over the other? In conclusion, AGA will address all these design issues and more as the design process carries forth. Give AGA a call and find out what the possibilities are!