Aric Gitomer Architect LLC provides architectural services for clients of all means who are seeking quality residential designs. When you are planning on creating an addition or thinking perhaps of renovation or even possibly new construction, no project is too small or insignificant. AGA strives to achieve quality designs for each project by working one on one with each individual client. AGA listens to your needs and works together with each homeowner to come up with a unique solution. When you call, AGA will initiate a meeting to sit down and discuss your visions and ideas of how you see your home growing or being modified. During that initial meeting a conversation will develop and ideas exchanged to help further define the scope of services AGA will provide. It is at that time a proposal will be written outlining the project and the services AGA will provide to make your thoughts a reality.

The next step, if you are doing a renovation, is for a survey of your home. Each nook and cranny will be measured and photographed to create a set of base drawings to use as a springboard to incorporate all the initial ideas as well as new ones. After the survey has been completed and existing

conditions are delineated AGA starts the Schematic Design Phase. AGA depends on its clients to interact as the process continues by reviewing and inputting ideas and letting the project transform into exactly what you, the homeowner, wants. AGA believes in a collaborative approach to design since the end user is the client.

Once the schematics have been completed it is time to create the Construction Documents (the blueprints), a detailed set of documents which will be used to obtain your permits as well as have your General Contractor build your final vision!

So whether you are thinking of renovating your master bedroom, putting on an addition to your existing home or creating a new house for your family, AGA will guide you and make your visions a reality. AGA provides services throughout Morris County, Sussex County and Essex County, New Jersey.