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What is included in the Construction Documents?

What is included in the Construction Documents?

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A set of construction documents prepared by AGA for a residential project typically include the following:

  • Site Plan and Zoning Data
  • Building Data (referenced building codes, square footages, volume etc.)
  • General Notes
  • ResCheck (Conformance to Energy Code)
  • Foundation Plan (inclusive of structural information)
  • Window Schedule
  • Floor Plans (inclusive of structural information)
  • Roof Plan (inclusive of structural information)
  • Exterior Elevations
  • Typical Section and Details
  • Typical Air Barrier Detail
  • Plumbing Riser Diagram
  • Schematic Electrical Power & Lighting Plans
  • Typical Radon Detail (if required)

Quantity of details is determined by complexity of the project, and the project scope of work. A typical project will include all of the items listed above. The main purpose of the construction documents is to define the work for the contractor and the construction official and conform to all building codes.

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