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Do you prepare floor plans?

Do you prepare floor plans?

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Preparing Floor Plans

Aric Gitomer Architect prepares floor plans! AGA specializes in residential architecture and part of the process is preparing floor plans. What are floor plans? To AGA they are custom plans that conform to each individual clients needs. If you are adding on to your home there are unique problems for each individual home and client. Each person comes forth with their own desires to create a solution for their individualized problem. In preparing a floor plan the first thing AGA does is listen to the clients needs. If its new construction the only thing restraining what we do are building codes and zoning ordinance limitations. With an addition we are dealing with existing conditions and every change impacts a different area. Even if you are just do a house addition at the rear of your home we need to figure out what makes sense in terms of openings and circulation.

Floor plans are an involved process and as the project progresses the plans evolve. They change when we start to look at the elevations. If you want a window on the exterior in certain location to give a nice balance to the facade an interior wall may need to change. My philosophy is to work in plan and then develop the elevation as we go forth. Some architects will work plan and elevation simultaneously. I believe the plan is where you live, therefore this is where I place my emphasis.

Our goal at Aric Gitomer Architect is to create a plan that works for your family.

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