Kitchen Trends to Follow

People often look at a kitchen and associate it with designs they might have seen somewhere. It could be a website, a Pinterest board, or even an architectural magazine. But what designs are there to stay, and what designs are now out of fashion?

Residential architects and interior designers seem to think that design trends not only concern the overall house but individual spaces within. And they are right.

For instance, the open plan kitchen has been dominating the industry for years. But it accommodated the modular kitchen when that gained popularity. So, what you now have is an amalgamation of the two and more.

Today, let’s talk about some kitchen trends that could be everywhere in the coming years. And some of these trends might be here to stay.

Double Islands

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Double islands are the new single islands. The designers asked themselves why to stop at one island when they could incorporate two? If space permits, then the more, the merrier. Double islands that allow for food prep on one and dining on the other could be quite useful in large kitchens.

Another impact they have created is eliminating large dining tables in a separate room. Instead, you could utilize that space to create a different space altogether such as a reading nook or install a Stairmaster to burn those calories.

Colorful Cabinets

Fresh and colorful kitchen cabinets could make waves in the coming years. Residential architects say that neutral kitchens will always remain timeless but colorful kitchens are approaching ahead.

Pops of colors that are saturated but can still be paired with neutral tones could become heavy-hitters in trendy kitchens. Many designers’ experiment with metals and colors for creativity. For instance, using a brass or aluminum trim over a darker shade for the cabinets.

Hues of grey or deep green could help achieve a statement look. The colors are modern yet simple.

Open Shelves

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In the coming years, open shelves will make their grand comeback. You could see open shelves being used in the kitchen for display and storage. Several residential architects suggest that replacing cabinets with shelves is one of the most cost-effective ways to transform kitchens.

With open shelves, homeowners have a plethora of ideas. The shelves could be turned into an open pantry, integrate a personal coffee station, and even help establish design principles such as symmetry in your kitchen.

Open shelves are not just limited to the walls. A kitchen island with exposed shelves could lend also lend a helping hand in this department. I am not one to advocate for the open shelves, because I cannot imagine dusting all of the items constantly needing tending to, but it is a trend!

Countertop Cabinets

Countertops are permanent members of any kitchen. They are the first line of defense against all the oils spills and stains. These countertops are now evolving into countertop cabinets.

Countertop cabinets increase storage impressively and are a great approach to conceal the appliances displayed on the countertops. If you’re something of a traditionalist, these countertop cabinets could be very useful in creating a small and rustic pantry.


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Several interior designers and residential architects consider light woods to be their go-to decorative style for kitchens. Even though it wasn’t as popular as it is today, this approach is only going to gain momentum in the coming years.

Lighter tones such as hickory appear graceful in both modern and traditional kitchens. Experiments could be done by adding a darker wooden tone alternately to create more drama.

Glass Partitions

Over recent years homeowners have come to appreciate the benefits of closing the door and escaping the noise from the kitchen, an attribute that doesn’t come along with open plan kitchens.

A glass partition could split spaces without compromising on the light. It also has the advantage of restricting the smells from the kitchen. Glazed partitions also offer a backdrop for pieces of furniture on the other side.


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Pantry cupboards have been kitchen essentials for centuries. Books written hundreds of years ago described pantries in homes. In the past few years, pantry cupboards have established themselves as kitsch must-haves.

Having a pantry makes perfect sense because all the food is stored in one place, and nothing is scattered around the rest of the kitchen. The other advantage is that kitchen walls no longer need to be stacked with cupboards and shelves for extra storage.

It frees up entire walls to be left alone, decorated or anything you want.

Layered Lighting

Lighting in kitchens could be a challenge but the art of layering the lights could be a game-changer. Residential architects suggest that kitchens only require a certain amount of task lighting in particular preparation areas.

If there are too many downlighters, the kitchen might end up looking like an airport runway. Minimal lighting in layers is going to take kitchen lighting to higher standards in the coming years.

Natural Materials

The use of natural materials is one kitchen trend that has always been on the list. Granite and marble have become firm fixtures in almost every kitchen.

Not only do these materials offer aesthetic appeal and high quality, but they are also being recognized for their health benefits as they reduce the amount of chemically treated elements in homes.

Gold Finishes

Aesthetics have made an impact in the wet areas as they have on furniture and appliances with their colors, shapes, and designs. Kitchen sinks are now available in a versatile range of finishes and colors, with gold being a cult favorite.

Sinks with gold finishes are noticing popularity in kitchens with neutral tones for homeowners who want a touch of royalty.


Several residential architects and interior designers prefer working with actual metals to bring out their true qualities. Metals when worked with properly could create a lasting aesthetic impact and become a trendsetter for the coming years.

Painted Kitchens

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2021 saw the revival of hand-painted kitchens and this trend continues through 2022. Hand-painted kitchens age well and are reliable in comparison to the ways of the factory-applied paints.

Paint offers a classic look of the traditional kitchen and the boldness of the modern design. One of the best advantages of this trend is that the availability of colors is almost limitless and allows homeowners to express their ideas freely.

And you could always upgrade in the future by re-painting if you want a fresh look.

Mixed Materials

When it comes to combining materials, contrast is the queen. The key is to ensure that these materials bring out the best in each other.

Timber and marble mixed with brass are going for the win in the list of kitchen trends. A fusion of materials could result in a confident blend of styles.

Contrasting materials for different worktops in the kitchen creates zones that are naturally pleasing and promote harmony.

Mudrooms and Utility Spaces

These spaces located just before your kitchen are the first line of defense against muddy shoes, wet umbrellas, and paw marks. A mudroom is one of the most useful design choices for homes because it promotes cleanliness and an organized environment.

Residential architects are aware that a well-designed mudroom could be highly beneficial for the kitchens. Mudrooms are now gaining popularity and many homeowners are demanding them to be placed at the back of the kitchen.


Marble has been a statement material for centuries. If there’s one thing that marble exhibits, that’s luxury. Marble is a popular choice for kitchens and is highly sustainable. Its durability, timelessness, and physical qualities make it a permanent member of the kitchen trends.

Marble adds value and creates contact between other surfaces, woods, and metals.


These kitchen trendsetters are here to stay awhile and look quite promising. Now whether you want your kitchen to have double islands, statement lighting, or pops of colors, the kitchen will end up following the best of the trends.

There could even be other trends that you might not know of. After all, new trends are born overnight, aren’t they? A professional would be the most ideal person to guide you on the best use of these trends for your kitchen.

So, let’s get trendy, shall we?