Storage Tips for Small Houses

Big cities indicate small and compact homes. It holds for New York, London, Tokyo, and even New Jersey. Densely-populated cities can either tend to the people or larger-than-life homes.

You might have to adapt to certain spaces that can’t accommodate all the elements you need with changing residential patterns. It means less stuff and less space. But does that work every time?

How do you accommodate boxes stuffed with holiday decorations, piles of clothes, and other homeware in small homes? Do you upsize or do you let go of your possessions? There must be a smart way to store your stuff in your small house.

What’s the secret to accommodating everything in your house? Why not look at some effective storage solutions for tight spaces?! By the time you’re done reading, you could be looking at your home in a whole new light.

The spaces might seem different, you might have new ideas about where to put the stuff and how to sculpt that space. So exciting, isn’t it?

Here’s hoping that your small home doesn’t seem so small anymore!

Combining the Storage with Furniture

A smart strategy to utilize when it comes to storage spaces for small houses is merging them with pieces of furniture wherever possible. It will allow the furniture to adapt to fulfill multiple functions simultaneously.

Now, whoever thought of this deserves an award, don’t they? And it’s the simple intricacy of this idea that makes it so perfect and useful. The fact that the answer to your storage problems lies in plain sight is just the thing you want to utilize.

It often happens that residential architects might suggest harnessing the convenience of this option as it’s affordable and conceals your stuff in plain sight. Brilliant, isn’t it? It’s a trick of the trade.

No wonder furniture seems to be the perfect hiding place in thriller movies!!

A Closet under the Bed

The bed is a critical element of a bedroom and should remain at its standard size. But, when it comes to a small room with no built-in closets, a bed can serve more than one function.

The free space under the bed can be a useful storage space in the form of drawers. It can avoid having to add new furniture that might block passage inside your bedroom.

If your room has the necessary ceiling height, the bed can be raised a bit to incorporate a bar for hangers. And this is in addition to the drawers and shelves. If you’re looking for something more discreet, the drawers can even go at the bottom of the bed and be concealed with decorative pieces of carpet.

Some residential architects might suggest experimenting with the drawers and incorporating them in a way to merge with the style of the room. The drawers could use a sliding or folding hanging opening system as well.

Storage in the Living Area

The same strategy that comes into play in the bedroom can also be useful in the living area. Living rooms exhibit a lot of furniture that can essay critical storage roles as well.

Seating structures can provide storage space underneath them without anybody having to know about it. Sofas and decorative tables with covered tops could essentially be extra storage space for your home.

Multipurpose Staircases

Staircases carry the potential to have multiple uses along with their primary use. If feasible, a residential architect might suggest creating a small bookshelf or cupboard on the side of the staircase.

Their location usually makes them useful to store household objects. If this option is utilized the steps of the staircase can function as drawers or the space below them could be purposed as side access shelves.

However, this option has its limitations and works well if the staircase is not too big and made of timber.

Uncommon Residual Spaces

It may sound weird, but sometimes you can find storage space in the most unexpected places. It could be some leftover space between two drawers or a corner between two kitchen cabinets, but storage is storage when it comes to small houses.

With some creativity and ideas, you can carve out near enough storage space for your small house.

Generally, you may not hear a residential architect suggest this option. It’s more of a storage DIY or hack that you can utilize yourself and see if it works for you.

And what’s more, is that you might just find new storage spaces along the way!

Increase the Capacity of the Drawers and Cabinets

Several times, the interior space of the drawers and cabinets goes to waste as it is not utilized to its highest potential. Now that’s worrisome when it comes to a small house with less storage space.

Designing each cabinet and drawer with precision could eliminate this loss of valuable space. You might be able to accommodate everything more efficiently, allowing you to take full advantage of the storage space.

New technologies and systems in the market allow for the efficient use of discarded storage areas such as the hard-to-reach spaces in the drawers or cabinets. For instance, some companies offer removable or revolving trays to better accommodate the products and utilize the space to its full capacity.

Utilize the Ceiling Height

High ceilings could be of great use in small houses. These high storage spaces could free up the living space and contribute to the house’s overall design.

Many residential architects might suggest experimenting with the design to make the room appear bigger and wider. It would also incorporate storage spaces that could merge with the interior of your space.

Upsize or…???

Now that you’ve learned some secrets of the trade, there’s no reason for you to upsize based on lack of storage. Your small home could very well give you some extra storage space if designed or redesigned creatively.

A residential architect or an interior designer could carve out niches large enough for all the extra stuff you want to store. And what’s more, is that it could cost you less than what you’d have to invest for a bigger place.

It Works!

Do you see it, folks?! Your compact and small homes could become a hoarder’s palace if the spaces are utilized smartly. With new and upcoming designs, home interiors and spaces have gone through a DNA change.

People who don’t want to partake in the hassle of owning large-scale properties can live comfortably in smaller homes with enough storage space because of the way residential architects utilize their creativity and come up with innovative and space-saving solutions.

So, next time you feel like a huge house is the answer to your storage problems, just look a little further and your current home could accommodate even more stuff than it already does. Take out that phone and take up the opportunity to view your small home with a new and “larger” perspective!

Where to look?

You don’t have to look far to get the storage space of your dreams. A residential architect could be in their office right now pumped up with energy and getting those creative designs on paper for clients.

So, isn’t it the right time to collaborate? It sure is!