Thinking of Renovating Your Home?

thinking of renovating your home

Tired of looking at the same walls every day, small rooms, dark spaces? Wishing you had more closet space, spacious areas to relax in and socialize. Wish people would come by more to make your home their home? Then maybe it’s time to consider a renovation, alteration or even an addition. Hey what’s the difference between those three choices?

As per the New Jersey Uniform Construction Code: Rehabilitation Code the definitions are as follows: “Addition” means an increase in the footprint area of a building or an increase in the average height of the highest roof surface or the number of stories of a building. (You would have to check with local zoning ordinances if this is a possibility – factors to consider: lot size, setbacks, house height, lot coverage).

“Alteration” means the rearrangement of any space by the construction of walls or partitions or by a change in ceiling height, the addition or elimination of any door or window, the extension or rearrangement of any system, the installation of any additional equipment or fixtures and any work which reduces the load bearing capacity of or which imposes additional loads on a primary structural component.

“Renovation” means the removal and replacement or covering of existing interior or exterior finish, trim, doors, windows, or other materials with new materials that serve the same purpose and do not change the configuration of space. Renovation shall include the replacement of equipment or fixtures. “Repair” means the restoration to a good or sound condition of materials, systems and/or components that are worn, deteriorated or broken using materials or components identical to or closely similar to the existing.

Whatever you choose to do make sure you start making a list of your priorities. For instance what are you most dissatisfied with in your home? Is that kitchen dated and too small and non-functional? Is the kitchen the center of your universe but wish it were part of the Family Room while cooking up a gourmet meal. Or maybe your master bathroom is not big enough for you and your spouse or the master closet is just not allowing you to buy all the clothes you want! Oh, how about your basement? Is this an area where you can grow your home (make sure you have headroom!)?

How will this change impact your life? Will you be able to live in your home during the work anticipated by your desires… that would depend on the scope of disruption. Will the roof be removed? Will your water be turned off? Will your heat be working if it is cold out? Some of these modifications will force you out of your home during a period of time so make sure you have an alternate place to stay. If you are just opening up some walls or creating an addition that does not impact the rest of your home you probably can stay put!

If you are ready to plunge into the world of change give me a call!