How to Modernize Your Home the Right Way: A Residential Architect’s Perspective

A modern home is today’s top trend when it comes to interiors. Changing consumer behavior is guiding residential architects toward uplifting and modernizing their designs. Residential architects are using this opportunity to freshen and liven peoples’ homes while integrating them with sustainability features.

If you are preparing to sell or just in the mood for a change, residential architects could instantly add a contemporary feel to your home. And here is how they could do it!

Choose Natural Materials

Organic and natural materials are a must when renovating your home for a modern look. Gone are the days when modernizing meant top-of-the-class luxury. Dark wooden cabinets with minimalist tones in between could entirely modernize your kitchen, stone benches could positively impact the living space, while bamboo as a flooring material could give your house the perfect modern aesthetic.

Retain Only the Essential

There is a famous architectural saying that less is more. Modernizing your home requires getting rid of all the extra clutter that you may have. Trust me, there is a lot of clutter that you may not even know about. Residential architects suggest that you must only focus on the objects that may enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home. Rather than displaying over-the-top trinkets, choose a few statement pieces that go with the overall scheme.

Use Glass

Modern homes and glass are partners in crime. However, that does not mean that you should bring in glass furniture. Instead, you can use glass as a skylight or french door to attain more natural life and enhanced spaces. You could install a glass partition wall to separate the kitchen and living area while keeping up with a semi-open plan. This is one of the most sought-after industry tricks.

Add New Lighting

Efficient lighting can “light” up a space. A brightly lit space appears welcoming and cozy. If you are in the process of modernizing your home, consider replacing traditional ceiling fixtures with contemporary pieces. It means hiring an electrician, but that is well worth the money.

Adopt Smart Lighting

Other than regular lighting, homeowners now also opt for smart lighting. Although a tad bit expensive, it does the job well and is worth the money. Smart lighting can change hues based on what you want them to be, dim the lights through voice commands, and even set a schedule. Smart lighting is an efficient way to modernize your spaces while also being at par with the changing times.

Create An Outdoor Space

An outdoor space does not have to mean an outdoor space. You may not have access to a large garden, but that should not stop you from creating an outdoor space. You can change the definition of a room by putting together a space with the help of a rug, some throw pillows, and some lights, and you are good to go. If you have more space, you could install a pergola with vines and add some drapes for privacy. Now here is a modern space to get comfortable and unwind on the weekend!

Some Fresh Paint

This is probably the easiest and most convenient way to modernize your home. Residential architects swear by paint even for their most complex projects. A fresh coat of paint in a new shade could do things to modernize your home that even the most expensive wallpapers could not. For the extra touch, you could go for an accent wall or change the color of the ceiling. A freshly painted room goes a long way in modernizing your space.

Update Window Treatments

Homeowners generally struggle to decide what style would be best suited for their spaces. This often makes them overlook the windows and they end up settling for simple blinds. However, here is the catch. Windows are a treasure trove for modernizing your home. You can play with the shades to your heart’s content. You could opt for a bold look with geometric panels, or choose to be minimalistic with sheer curtains. The possibilities are endless.

Consider Using Statement Colors

There is a common misconception in the industry that modern colors entail whites, greys, and blacks. The best and most modern home decor displays pops of bright colors. You could do it to brighten up a wall and provide the space with some personality. You could integrate color into your home with a brightly colored wall hanging or even choose a bold scheme for furniture. If you are in doubt, sit with the residential architect or interior designer and finalize a color scheme.

Utilize the Green Spaces

Basic garden upkeep is quite essential. From trimming hedges to mowing the lawn, a garden could highly modernize your home. Attractive outdoor furniture and a well-maintained landscape could make your lawn appear welcoming, modern, and more spacious than it actually is. Residential architects often recommend creating a link between the indoors and outdoors through transition spaces in the form of patios.

On the Path to a Modern Home

And there you have it folks, some advice from a residential architect’s perspective. Today’s homes, be it whatever size is now catering to today’s people. They now want their homes to express their views and want it done through spaces. And that is why modern homes are fluid, freeform, and without definitions.

Residential architects are now constantly experimenting, growing, and developing new concepts to evolve their designs and creativity. So why don’t you have a go at a modern approach?!