Home Renovation Ideas

Residential architects love renovations. Most of them suggest that the best home renovations are those that respect the original structure and enlighten it from a modern and contemporary perspective. Old houses offer the inhabitants glimpses into the past, stability, and character. So, it’s fair to retain some of those features during renovation.

Architects for renovation tend to get creative when it comes to modern designs. They take the renovation as a challenge and aspire to transform the project with a wow factor.

During the renovation, the scale of the project matters. It is also necessary to understand the organization associated with the renovation. Are you going for a partial or full renovation? How much time have you allotted? These are some questions you must answer before hiring a residential architect.

So, why don’t you check out some bright renovation ideas that could transform your home from old to new?!

Instilling Sustainability

With the advent of climate change, building laws have adopted sustainability, residential architects are designing with eco-friendly materials, and homeowners are doing their bit to reduce the harm to the environment.

A home renovation presents homeowners with the perfect opportunity to instill eco-friendly construction techniques in their homes. Not only is it a balanced way to do your part for the environment, but it also allows you to live comfortably in the future with reduced electricity and heating bills.

Some examples could include upgrading old windows with double glazed options or adding insulation to the floors and walls, and installing solar panels on the roof for the highest sustainability standards.

Building a Connection with the Outdoors

Home renovation allows you to bring in light indoors and create a connection with the outdoor spaces. Many residential architects try to incorporate French windows extending towards decks that step down into the back garden.

Some architects use picture windows to create focus and a sliding door to the side for access that also opens the newly renovated space.

In addition, homeowners who grow their vegetables get the opportunity to merge their kitchen with the vegetable patch. Residential architects get creative by creating a small greenhouse that offers connectivity with the built environment as well.

Adding Volume

A home renovation could offer the opportunity to maximize the potential in the existing space. Although homeowners often think of increasing the floor space, they tend to overlook the space above it.

Volume essays an essential role in making the space appear bigger and wider. By incorporating nig picture windows for depth, strategically placed skylights, and changes to the ceilings (vaults if possible), your home could feel spacious and airy.

And what’s more, is that it enhances the concept of space. Now, who wouldn’t want that?!


Salvaging original materials or exposing the fabric of an old home could bring character and depth to the new interiors and give a callout to the history of the structure. Residential architects try to use timber from the old structure and incorporate it as a decorative element.

Previously-used metal if in decent shape could be used as an enhancing element as part of the interiors. You could get it reshaped into a decorative piece or simply use it as a frame for your walls.

Additional Story

If you have the space, avenue, and planning permission, then why not add a story to your existing structure?! An additional story will present you with more space, volume, and a higher property value in the future.

You could choose to make the addition over the garage in the form of living space for yourself, guests, or rentals. If an addition is not possible, you could always opt for conversion to incorporate more space.

Internal Glass Doors

Source: (Houzz)

Often considered to be a crucial designing element in home renovations by residential architects, internal glass doors could be the perfect source to improve lighting conditions in semi-detached houses where central spaces often lack natural light and appear dark.

Presently refurbished industrial-style glass doors are quite popular with many homeowners appreciating their prefabricated appeal.

Porch Addition

Installing a porch could transform the appearance of your home. Residential architects ensure that the design of the porch is proportional to the size of the house and that it does not block the natural light from entering through the front door.

A porch could create a draft lobby that reduces heat loss from your home. This factor is also dependent on using the right materials.

Get Creative with Ceilings

If you are worried about sloped ceilings, that is not a problem for residential architects. They will make do with what they have. When you are conducting a renovation project that has awkward ceilings, residential architects will try to produce a solution to what is present in front of them.

For sections of the room with a low ceiling, they might suggest options that do not let the space go to waste. An idea could be incorporating built-in storage, a small vanity mirror, or a spot for a comfortable reading area.

Building Shelves

You can never have too much storage. So, make the best of every inch possible with shelves and storage cupboards. Nowadays, residential architects get creative with storage space by making the most of awkward spaces and corners.

It is the perfect way to use every nook and cranny in your house for extra storage. Some ideas could be combining the storage with furniture, building multipurpose staircases, or installing a closet under an elevated bed.

Introduce Wall Panels

Wall panels are hugely popular in-home renovation projects. A well-crafted wall panel could add interest to an otherwise featureless room by creating depth and symmetry.

Residential architects also play with the dimensions of the wall panels to add proportionality to a room. This could be incredibly useful for disproportionate or unusually shaped spaces in your home.

Low-Maintenance Landscaping

Not only does low-maintenance landscaping save money, but it is also significant for future homebuyers. This is an exterior home renovation idea that will add to the overall value of your property.

For instance, if you live in a dry area, opt for shrubs native to that region.

Use Paint

One of the most cost-effective improvements for your home is paint. Freshly-painted rooms create impact and add density to the spaces.

Most people relate to neutral-colored spaces as it has the appropriate amount of impact on the space. Painting is an effortless way to renovate your home aesthetically. Overall, the cost of this type of renovation is low, the subsequent result looks more expensive.

Replace Kitchen Countertops

The kitchen is the most widely-used space in any home and faces the brunt of grease stains and chipped countertops. While renovating, a residential architect might suggest paying more attention to the countertops for functionality and cosmetic appeal.

You could always incorporate hard-wearing marble, versatile granite, or trendy porcelain countertops. Residential architects could even upcycle the material that is not going to be of use anymore and you could end up with a classic decorative piece for your home.

Increase the Space of Tiny Bathrooms… Visually

The size of your home affects its value. However, the square footage is not the only thing that matters. The trick is to make each space in your home feel larger.

For the washroom, you could do this by installing a large mirror to visually enhance the size of that space and reflect more light. Residential architects also suggest using a neutral color palette to blur the harsh lines and make the space feel airy.

Clean Up the Lawn

You all must have come across a house with overgrown bushes and messy flower beds that make you feel uncomfortable. A tidy landscape is a critical element of a home. Freshly-cut grass, pruned bushes, and overall tidiness will go a long way in upgrading your home.

Concluding Remarks

Home renovation can be a tedious and nerve-wracking process if approached in the wrong way. But lucky for you, residential architects are the holy grail.

With creative ideas, a technical mindset, and determination, residential architects could spruce up your home and renovate the best out of it. Whether you are renovating for yourselves or to sell, home renovation gives you a clean slate to produce innovative ideas that you missed the first time.

You might want to install those expensive yet quality windows you chose to ignore the last time, or you could finally get that skylight in your master bedroom you have always wanted. A home renovation is the best chance for those unfulfilled wishes.

These renovation ideas and even more could go a long way in upgrading your home, adding to its value, and changing your outlook on how a home should be. And most of all, some professional guidance would make this process so much easier.

Collaborating with residential architects is a sure-short way to get that dreary-looking renovation out of the way. So, people, let’s get renovating!!!